Cult Club is a multidisciplinary online literary arts magazine dedicated to providing a platform for underrepresented voices in the Los Angeles area. We are a collective of artists, filmmakers, and creatives with loud opinions and exasperated friends. We relish in sharing our critical perspective on arts and culture with anyone willing to listen.

Camille Wong


Camille is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work uses food as the vehicle to explore themes of overconsumption, media, feminism, relationships, and hedonism.

She enjoys thinking critically about art and how it offers a cultural and anthropological window into contemporary society. She divides her time between Cult Club and working as the Studio Manager for an artist in Los Angeles. You can see her work here.

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Cal tabuena-frolli

Editorial Coordinator

Cal Tabuena-Frolli makes screen prints and public projects. 

His work is about: Information and how it's gathered, used, disseminated and interpreted; the alliances and divisions between the Self and the Digital Self; history and how it affects individuals, place and perception. 

You can see his work and previous projects here.

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Keyanna wigglesworth


Keyanna is fascinated by biopics, documentaries, coming-of-age stories, and crime dramas. She loves film because it helps her question and develop her own views of race, class, and other forms of identity. After graduating from Harvard with a Bachelor’s degree in Romance Languages & Literatures (with a focus on Latin America), Keyanna worked as an investment banking analyst. However, she soon realized that her passion did not lie on Wall Street, but rather in watching films and using them as touch-points to connect with others as well as unexplored parts of herself.

With hopes of gaining more experience in and knowledge of the film industry, she is currently a talent agent assistant at United Talent Agency. You can follow her @KritiquesxKeeks and find her blog here.

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Born and raised in LA, her perspective differs from the majority who now call Los Angeles home. She wants to share with readers the hidden gems inside this City of Angels. This City has been the environmental setting for her self-development, personal explorations, and artistic inspiration. When she is not writing for Cult Club, she works on her fine art practice, pets her dog, writes poetry and plays music.

Sarah Liss