Cult Feature: Sarah Liss



Slow and riveting

Gentle, calmness

Steady momentum

Still with sureness

Strength from within

Differs from chaos

The uncertainty that stirs

Sit aside

Observe the pot

It might boil

You do not need to stir.


Glass elevator

It carries me through my day.

Oh, but there’s a catch

You can’t see it.

When you reach out for me

Its walls will be felt.

When I reach out for you,

Shards of glass go right through.

I can see you.

You can see me.

This glass elevator is between us,



Sarah Liss is a contributor of Cult Club. Born and raised in LA, her perspective differs from the majority who now call Los Angeles home. She wants to share with readers the hidden gems inside this City of Angels. This City has been the environmental setting for her self-development, personal explorations, and artistic inspiration. When she is not writing for Cult Club, she works on her fine art practice, pets her dog, writes poetry and plays music.

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